Thursday, March 15, 2012

TOTORO Happy Birthday Cookies!

I want to start by saying only really cool people will recognize the movie character I based these cookies on. When my siblings and I were little we had a rotation of 10 or so movies that we LOVED to watch. Above all the others in the cabinet, these videos were the ones we couldn't resist to watch every week because they were THAT good. One of the most unique of these favorites is My Neighbor Totoro, a Japanese animated movie about two young girls using their imagination to escape from the troubles of reality and explore the world of a the fantastical creature Totoro. I have no idea how this movie found its way into our home next to the line of Disney Princess stories and Homeward Bound, but it did, and has become a very fond memory of my childhood.  These are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing to look like the character Totoro (who kind of  resembles a fat gray kitty without a tail) and the 'soot sprites' from the movie.
My sister Gillian is celebrating her birthday today and I wanted to send her a happy memory from our younger years to show her how much I cherish the days when we could spend every day together. Gill is a very special person; she is not only incredibly smart, but UNBELIEVABLY funny. This combination of smarts and silliness gives her the most amazing personality and I have always looked up to how this transfers to the way she lives her life. For some reason, I remember her singing and dancing to the Totoro theme song and it is one of many memories of her making moments so carefree and happy.  I sent her these Totoro cookies as a happy birthday gift; I hope she enjoys the silly throwback to our childhood <3
And if you haven't watched My Neighbor Totoro, I highly suggest you snuggle up with some sugar cookies and give it a watch this weekend. It is truly a GREAT movie. (=

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