Sunday, March 4, 2012

I am The Lorax. I speak for the Trees.

Dr. Suess rhymes are not only awesome stories, but great creative inspiration for the cake canvas.  This cake is inspired by the Dr Suess story 'The Lorax,' making its big screen debut this weekend.  I had a lot of fun creating this happy and colorful cake and also had a great time watching the movie to see if my cake matched the whimsical and fun big screen look of the classic tale.
I started with a golden vanilla cake.  I soaked each layer of cake with a passion fruit simple syrup.  This keeps the cake moist and adds an extra punch of flavor.
I made a passion fruit curd which I then folded into the buttercream.  I layered the buttercream between three layers of the golden vanilla cake.
I frosted the first tier with orange frosting and frosted it to a smooth and clean finish.
I used the same technique for the 2nd tier as the first tier; however, this time I used a bright blue buttercream to mimic the bright blue sky in the movie.
The top tier was decorated with the piles of stones left behind by the Lorax with the words 'Unless'.  I added the window where the Once-ler peaks out to tell the story of his life and surrounded it with royal icing Truffula Trees.
The face of The Lorax is sculpted out of fondant.  His eyes are hand painted with edible food coloring.
The bright colors from the movie transferred beautifully to the cake and the bright passion fruit flavor inside the cake was the perfect match to the cartoony and happy look of the cake.
I also made some chocolate cupcakes with passion curd filling adorned with the whimsical Truffula Trees to coordinate with the cake.  I loved making this cake and really enjoyed the beautiful animation of the movie as well as the always relevant lesson of the story.

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better, it's not."

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  1. Hello! Your cake is beautiful! I was wondering if you could explain the royal icing for the truffula trees - are those just royal icing or is the icing on top of cake or something else? How exactly did you make them?