Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Treats!

When looking for inspiration for your next cake project, remember to look at pictures other than cakes.  Greeting cards and table decoration often have beautiful designs that can tranlate incredibly onto a cake canvas.  Think outside the box and let those creative juices kick in!
I drew my inspiration for this cake from two pictures I found while perusing through pinterest.  This adorable cake from The Cake Blog caught my eye because of its sweet simplicity and the beautiful robin's egg effect of the speckling on the blue buttercream.  The perfect main treat for an Easter celebration!
I then came upon this image: a curious little bunny climbing up the side of plant pot to reach the speckled eggs inside.  As soon as I saw this, I pictured the bronze rabbit as a chocolate bunny climbing up the side of a cake. 
 The result:
To surround the cake with a little 'peep' of brightness, I added a few simple cupcakes decorated to resemble those sweet little marshmallow chicks.  These cupcakes were buttermilk vanilla cake with marshmallow buttercream!
To finish of the Easter treats display I decorated some simple sugar cookies to look like bunny faces.  I only used some royal icing and an edible writing pen to make these cookies come to life, and baked them on candy sticks to make for easy photo props!
I will be posting How-Tos for both the cupcakes and bunny cookies in my next few entries!
Stay Tuned....