Thursday, February 14, 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I grew up in a tight knit family (we also like to knit...the house is filled with yarn).  Ever since I can remember its been my mom, my siblings, my grandparents, and my uncle's family forging through this zig zag of life together.  Growing up in such a close family, I knew that someday things would start to change, grandparents would grow older, siblings would get married, new families would blossom.  Its funny how you always think about it happening, but never realize how soon. Recently, as my grandparents have fought with the stubbornness of the Stickney name to shine in their golden years, changes such as the addition of my mom's fiance Clyde, as well as the upcoming nuptials of my sister Danielle have shed a bright light over the family.  Excited to celebrate this radiant occasion, my sisters and I teamed up to tackle the first bridal shower of the family, and to make it a party to remember!
Led by my youngest sister Giselle, my sisters and I created the perfect party for the bride to be.  This is what Danielle experienced once she kicked off her boots!
Silverware was tuckled into blue linen napkins and wrapped in doilies.  The serving table was piled high with a collection of the wedding china of my Grandma, Mom, and Aunt.  Wine glasses for mimosas and bellinis were hand painted with hydrangea blossoms by a family friend.
Of course, I took a moment to Vanna White the beautiful table. 
My younger sister Giselle exercised her florist skills, turning simple white teapots into centerpieces with blue hydrangeas and sprays of tea roses and other hints of pink.  Each table was also adorned with various candles and childhood pictures in silver frames for the guests to giggle over.
The effect was simple and effective.  The lace fabric draped over the blue linens brought a vintage vibe to the room.  Old, new, borrowed, and blue, the tables truly reflected the style of the bride to be.
A wandering kitty completed the homey elegance of the room.
Wedding pictures of the women of my family were tuckled amongst the family heirlooms on the mantle to remind everyone of the bridal tradtion all women get to experience and share.
I created sugar cookie buttons in all shades of teal and blue as a nod to the thread of sewing talent that has been stitched from my grandma, through my mom, to my sister Danielle.  They were super tasty and looked cute as a button as a decorative touch on the serving table.
I baked up my Grandma's chocolate cake recipe and decorated them with hydrangea piped buttercream frosting.  Coconut cupcakes were decorated with piped roses and white ruffles.  Tutorials for making both will be in my next blog post!
Sugar cubes were decorated with hydrangeas and girly frills so the ladies could add a touch of flair to their coffee.
The sweet treats were nestled amongst fruit salad, muffins, mini quiche, and lots lots more!
 For as long as I can remember, my grandma had her 'What not' shelf in her house, filled with the random 'what nots' she had collected.  It would have everything from buttons, candies, and small antiques, to tiny vases filled with the flowers we picked for her from the yard.  My Grammy could not be at the party, but decorating the what not with our own 'what nots' was a special way to feel and appreciate her continued presence in our lives.  Giselle created little shoes out of patterned paper for the guests to take home as favors.  Bowls of the old fashioned candies my Grammy always had in her candy dish (spice drops, necco wafers, candy hearts, and nonpareils) were available for guests to scoop into little nylon baggies to take home with them.
My sister Gill made sure to include some fun new traditions of toilet paper wedding gowns, bride trivia, and memory games...
 as well as continue an old tradition of creating the wedding bow bouquet!
The bridal shower was a great success! Spending time with family, and seeing my sister's joy in celebrating her upcoming marriage with all her friends, family, and family to be was well worth all the effort. It was so special to see my sister sharing a moment with my grandpa, laughing with my mom, and sharing special moments with her Mother in Law to be.
  Looking back, I can see that her shower rang true to the popular Old English wedding rhyme. It was a beautiful blend of the comfort of old, the excitement of new, borrowed antiques, all sprinkled with blue! 
It was such a special day and I am so happy that I was able to share those moments with my family.  I consider baking, decorating, and eating sweets to be one of the greatest passions of mine; however, I will tell you one family; I love them more than cupcakes! Happy Valentines Day, I hope you share it with those you love.

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