Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bengali Lesbian Bridal Shower 'Fish' Cake

I love creating cakes for so many reasons.  I enjoyed this cake in particular because of everything it represented.  When creating this cake, I was able to embrace the traditions of a beautiful culture, while also embracing elements of modern day ideas and thinking. When asked to create a 'Fish Cake' for a Bengali Bridal Shower, I was immediately excited...and a bit confused haha.  I learned that it is Bengali tradition to present real fish dressed as the bride and groom to the soon to be married couple as one of many elaborate gifts.  For this event, the client wished to break from the tradition and make it into a gift more visually appealing than two dead fish, as well as have something delicious that everyone could enjoy.  With another break to tradition, this wedding was between two women, so I dressed one fish in a traditional white wedding dress, and the other in ethnic wedding attire.
The first fish was draped in a red Saree embellished with gold details.  A red jewel bindee and sparkly nose ring adorn the fish to complete the ethnic Bengali wedding look.
The 2nd bride was wearing a traditional white wedding dress which sparkled with a thin layer of luster dust.  The beautiful fish bride was dressed with a white veil and blue garter to complete her wedding day look.
The cake board was decorated with sugar paste Gerber daises, pearls, as well as earrings and bangles.  Red and clear jewels were scattered around the fish to add to the opulence of the entire piece.  The cake board was orange fondant painted with gold and red to mimic the look of silk.  It was then piped with a royal icing henna inspired design which was then hand-painted gold.
Both cakes were made of tiramisu mousse layered between golden vanilla cake soaked in a mixture of coffee and Kahlua.  A layer of semisweet chocolate curls added just a hint of chocolate flavor to the decadent dessert.
The smile on this brides face was worth the many hours put into this cake.  I will never forget how awesome it felt to make such a unique cake with so much symbolism and love behind it.  This project was a great reminder of why I have so much Passion for the Sweet Life!