Monday, November 28, 2011

My Thanksgiving Table!

After a long and uncomfortable bus ride I arrived in my home state of New Hampshire to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I quickly forgot my long travel woes and immediately hit the kitchen to create my special holiday treats. After a visit to the craft store, a few coffees from my mom's Keurig, and many hours in my grandmother's kitchen, this is what I came up with! (=
I emailed all my guests and had them finish the sentence "I am thankful for..."  I then wrote their quote on a sparkly fabric paper and glued it with royal icing to the back of a gingerbread cookie frame.  Everyone had fun reading each other's cards and seeing all the many things we are thankful for!
I then made sugar cookies shaped like fruit.  As I showed in my previous blog entry, I brushed on royal icing and created a realistic color shading with colored sugar. To add a touch of glam I sprinkled a bit of edible disco dust on all the cookies and added a gold stem of royal icing and gold luster dust.  I placed these on my grandmother's candy dishes at different heights around the table.
Amongst the birch tree candles I filled mason jars with acorns and lit gold candles inside for a rustic glow.  Real sugared fruit was nestled amongst the candy dishes and candles to add to the chic country feel of the table.
A straw and feather turkey and acorn salt shakers added the last bit of country charm the table needed.
Ever since I could remember we have had two separate tables at holidays to accommodate all of my family and family friends.  One table was designated as the main table and the other a table for the kids.  Even with the youngest now being 22, I thought it would be fun to pay tribute to our 'kids' table tradition.
 I filled different vases with a variety of gold ribbon and filled them with my moustache cookies as the focal point of the table.  The lack of candles on the table proved safe for all the 'kids'and the cookies were a fun way to keep the kid's table occupied so the adults could enjoy their dinner! (;

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