Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Baker?!!!!!....I hardly know her!"

I am lucky enough to have an AMAZING boss who is also an extremely good friend of mine.  He has inspired me personally as well as professionally.  Dan is a very smart man as well as an awesome personality to have beside me in the kitchen.  Aside from sharing a passion for entrepreneurship, humor, and baking, we also share an EXTREME sweet tooth.  When I realized his birthday was around the corner there was no doubt in my mind that I had to create a surprise birthday cake encompassing his passions and hysterical sense of humor.  The "Baker?!!!!...I hardly know her!" cake was born.  This cake is a 4 layer caramel banana cake layered with homemade dark caramel sauce and cream cheese buttercream.  To satisfy Dan's sweet tooth I also covered the cake in a bright blue layer of fondant (a sugar dough.)  All of the characters are animated versions of his delicious Downtown Cookie Co cookies created from fondant. The cake topper is a representation of one of Dan's favorite bites of baker humor. His Chocolate Chip cookie is shocked at the idea of 'Baking' Janestreet Jam when he 'hardly knows her.'
Representing one of his favorite activities, Chocolate Chocolate is sporting a chic green sweat band to keep the sweat away from his eyes as he bikes around the cake.  A handful of bright birthday balloons trail behind him as he rides along.
His love of inspirational and self/career improvement books is represented by the hipster Ginger cookie sitting up front with his stack of motivational reading and trendy Converse sneakers.  
Just as Dan likes to get his swell on at the gym, his classic Peanut Butter cookie is pumping iron around the corner to keep its criss cross abs in tip top shape.     
Dan was happy to see all of his interests and delicious cookies showcased on his cake and was even more excited when he got to try his first(and second and third) slice! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dan and keep on enjoying your passion for the sweet life!

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