Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My Grandma is a firm believer in the idea that dessert is the proper ending to every meal. Growing up, day after day I was by her side ‘assisting’ as she prepared her desserts (yes, that’s plural) for the day. She was always so patient with me; unraveling my hair from the Kitchen Aid beaters after I leaned to close to the mixing chocolate cake batter, or cleaning up the powdery mess caused by an explosion of confectioner’s sugar after I dropped the canister on the floor. As I grew older, I realized that all those sweet moments spent with her in the kitchen led me to develop an incredible passion for baking and creating desserts. Like her, I enjoy the sweeter side of life. She made me realize that the only career I could ever imagine myself in would be one as a pastry chef. Following a bachelor’s degree in business, I packed up my things and moved to NYC to attend the French Culinary Institute. While attending classes I interned and worked at various cake and pastry bakeries throughout the city. I am currently the kitchen manager at the Downtown Cookie Company (where I make the BEST chocolate chip cookie in NYC), and am starting up my own cake and pastry business GoBoulay, inspired by my grandmother’s recipes. Every day I am learning and discovering more and more about the world of pastry. The focus of this blog is to share all of these tips, techniques, recipes, and experiences with you so you feel inspired to create the same sweet moments with your family in the kitchen. So sit back, read, bake, take a bite, and enjoy your passion for the sweet life!

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